Your Success is My Success!

Editorial Centrum is a Singapore-based company owned and managed by me, Li Li Tey. For the past 7 years, I have been a part of the team of freelance editors at the Publications Support Unit of the National University Health System of Singapore, working to support the final stage of research writing of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and biomedical researchers. You can see the work I reviewed that have been recently published at Portfolio of this website.

Starting with only a desire to help a friend, and no prior direct experience, I quickly developed a ‘curiosity’ about the work of editing and proofreading research writings that spurred me to learn the trade through self-education. Little did I know that my linguistic flair, passion for research and 11 years’ experience as a Medical Social Worker had prepared me for a career in editorial services.


2006-–Present Copyeditor
Publication Services Unit (PSU), National University Health System, Singapore
2001-–2008 Medical Social Worker cum Programme Manager
Shaw-NKF-NUH Children’s Kidney Centre, National University Hospital, Singapore
1997-–2001 Medical Social Worker
Department of Medical Social Work, National University Hospital, Singapore